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Say Hello to GloTran

Say Goodbye to Hospital Aquired Infections

GloTran is the Final Piece of a Complete Infection Control Solution

GloTran’s vaporized hydrogen peroxide significantly reduces the number of antibiotic resistant organisms through dry low-temperature disinfection. With the ability to disinfect non-critical instruments as well as electronics

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GloTran Kills the Hardest-To-Reach Pathogens

Superior to Established Cleaning Methods

Getting to hard-to-reach areas is almost impossible using established cleaning methods, especially disinfectant wipes. Kill rates depend on time of contact, which is inconsistent across users and circumstances. Thoroughness of reach depends on applied pressure and attention to detail. Wet wipes, mists, swabs and topical sprays can damage sensitive electronic devices and leave behind toxic residues. GloTran is safe, effective, and easy to use, operating on fully automated cycles to minimize error

How GloTran Works

GloTran uses highly reactive electro-magnetic energy to generate active hydroxyl radicals toxic to microorganisms. This kills and removes 99.999+% (5-log kill) pathogens from the surface.


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